The Joy of LIfe

Just over a year ago I posted about:

Dead Shark Syndrome

And I was reminded of this just last week.  My daughter turned 22 last Thursday and she drove 200 miles from college with 6 of her friends to visit Austin just for the night.  I showed them a few magic tricks and they were so excited it was  like living in another world.  They then went on to a jazz club downtown and were so filled with energy, hope and happiness.  It was a great sight to see.

What my daughter and her friends have is YOUTH.  Plain and simple.

I am not a dead shark.  I’m actually really happy and enjoying life.  But I’m also not 21 anymore.  No matter what  I do I’m never going to have the same excitement and hope that I had when I was 21.  But seeing life through my daughter’s eyes helps me get there.

It was just perfect to see her happy, excited about her future and proud of her old dad 🙂