The Mini-Break

So tomorrow (today) is already March 1st.  If you are in the 55+ club you’ll know full well that instead of getting 12 months to a year, you are lucky if you have 12 weeks.  It all goes by so fast.  This year my wife and I are going to try three “Mini-Breaks” instead of a longer Summer vacation.  We’ll be going away for three days in March, May and August and then a week for Thanksgiving and two weeks for Christmas.  Now three days might seem short, but if you juxtapose it to a weekend you now have 5 days and the week that remains is short and sweet, so it almost feels like a whole week!  And even though the New Year just began this time next week we’ll be off.  A concert, some drinking and dining, some shopping and walking, some more drinking and dining, and we’ll be back home for Friday Evening.  Sounds perfect 🙂