The night we nearly lost Kentucky!

One of the great drinking sessions that Kentucky and I enjoyed started out on a coach trip to London. We were off to see the Godfather of Punk, Mr. New York: Lou Reed. We were so excited. Of course when we got to London we went straight to the pub next to the Palladium Theatre. We were wise to bring our hip flasks, but of course by the time we got to London they were dry. We tried to fill them at the pub, but they weren’t having any of it. So we get to the event – Lou was amazing and Kentucky started dancing in the aisles – well that sort of thing was frowned upon at The Palladium. So we both popped out for another drink. I have memories of trying to pour whiskey shots into the hip flask without a funnel – it was pouring all over the counter. But it didn’t matter we were seeing Lou and he was amazing. At the end of the concert we headed back to the coach, but Kentucky was attacked by those dolphins again and ran off into the middle of London. We were not at the Manor now, this was a big city with some dirty boulevards. I sobered up pretty quickly and started worrying that Kentucky would not make it back in time. He was surely taking a walk on the wild side. Just as the bus started its engine, Kentucky emerged from some seedy back street – he never explained where he had been – and just in the nick of time he got on the coach. Wow, it was great to see Lou and great to see Kentucky back on the coach. It was one of those rare Perfect Evenings.