The Old Steps and Moondance

Many of the memories I have of Leeds University 30 years ago are hazy due to time, stress, and alcohol. But I still clearly remember the night we were at a wonderful little bar called The Old Steps. Over the jukebox came Van Morrison singing Moondance. At the time I was not familiar with Van, but The Consul boldly stated “this is the best Van Morrison song from his best album.” In those days, much as today, when the Consul makes a statement like this you would most certainly take note. I went to HMV the next day and purchased Moondance. I have listened to it (as I am now) and many other Van masterpieces ever since. Moondance to me is as good as Dylan’s Blood on the Tracks and I’ve mentioned Blood enough so you know how highly I regard it. Now in this post The Consul talks a bit about this. It could well be that what he actually said was “this is one of the best Van Morrison songs from one of his best albums”, and over the years, partly due to my love of the album I have coloured the words. Either way I love the album and it is perfect to listen to late on a Friday night when the family is sleeping and I’m supping a welcome bottle of Shiner Bock after a long week.