The Perfect Setting for the Perfect Pint.

I remember very clearly the time I drank a perfect pint of Fuller’s ESB. On any day ESB is a truly outstanding pint, but this one day everything came together to make it a moment I remember fourteen years later. I was in Maui with my wife and six month old son. Normally a six month old is not going to be conducive to a good beer drinking experience, and certainly not a highly memorable one, but this time was different. It was about 1pm and my wife was working out at the gym. My son had finally fallen asleep in the other room. Peace at last. I was sitting back on our bed hoping for an hour or two of quiet. The sun was warm on my legs and the ocean could be heard near by. It was a very rare moment of quiet in my hectic life and I had the good fortune to have two pints of chilled ESB in the room with me. I had a real pint glass, and poured that first bottle. I have never had a bad pint of ESB from a bottle – it is always clear with a wonderful head, and this time was no exception. The taste was breathtaking. As I supped that beer I remember distinctly thinking life could not get any better. To this day Fuller’s ESB is still my favorite pint.