The Problem With American Craft Beers

So in this post about American Craft Beers which was from four years ago I talk about how I wasn’t happy at all with the selection of American Craft Beers I received for Christmas.  Unfortunately, I don’t know if things are getting any better.  What I do know is that when I visited Specs today the choice of quality European beers was really down.  There was no ESB, no Grolsch, no Old Peculiar and not much shelf space for anything else.  I was able to pick up a few Old Speckled Hen’s but most of my old standbys were gone.  I’m not saying that American Craft Beers are bad per se, but for me most of them don’t fit my palette and that is fine until it stops me getting the beers I do like.  I was hopeful four years ago but as far as I can tell things are now worse.  When I next run out of beers I’m going to try another venue, but my biggest fear is it will be the same everywhere.  Maybe it is the same in the UK too?  

Where have the good beers gone?