The Vinyl Experience

It was great reading through some of the Consul’s Vinyl stories.  If you are over forty you probably have one, but if you are under forty you probably have no clue what us old duffers are talking about.  Because I moved to the USA 27 years ago it coincided with the extreme growth of CD’s and so I chose to dump my Vinyl collection.  It was a definite choice, of the 14 boxes I transported to the USA most of them were records.  I don’t regret it really, but I did feel some real nostalgia when I saw The Consul’s posts.  You really had to live through those times to appreciate it.

Getting a new album was almost a religious experience.  You closed the curtains, locked the bedroom door, dimmed the lights and just absorbed everything about a new album.  You read every single line on the cover and the gate fold.  In those days you started with Side 1, Track 1, and went all the way to the the end of Side 2.  No skipping.  Then started again with Side 1 Track 1. For some albums you wouldn’t come up for days.  Great times, and as much as we have music on the go today, we really gave up something huge.  Thank-you Consul for reminding me of a simpler, more rewarding time.