The Weight is Over

Well, that’s something Max and I have in common. He’s lost 30lbs. I’ve dropped from 14st to 11 and a half stone. In your fifties you have to get a bit more body conscious. As the years pile on the pounds and the middle-age spread thickens, it’s a good time to take stock. This is especially true when you buy clothes. The depressing sight of yourself in the changing room mirror is enough to make you think: shape up or give in. So, I recommend the 5:2 diet. Fast for two days a week (500 calories) and eat normally the rest of the time. It took me a year but now I eat normally all the time except for light lunches two days a week. Otherwise, it’s 3 glasses of wine a night, fry ups and eat outs at weekends, etc. I wish I’d done it years ago. Just need to tone up now, but at least a glimpse of my own body doesn’t depress me anymore. Though I’ll never have the fur mat Max has!