Throw-up then Chat-up!

Talking of Old Peculier it reminds me of something that as a college kid I’d do pretty much every week for a while – throw-up in between pubs and then go on to chat-up the chicks! Kentucky and I often used to go to three pubs of an evening:

  • The Fox & Newt
  • The George
  • The Fenton

We’d get pretty drunk at The Fox by banging down three pints of Old Pecker (as Kentucky affectionately refered to it) in pretty short succession. Then we’d roll out and move over to The George to see if I could chat-up any chicks – Kentucky wouldn’t do the pulling, he left that to me – sometimes things went well, sometimes not. But I would often find myself throwing up in between The Fox and The George. Too much alcohol in too short a time I guess. But it never worried me, wiped my mouth and moved on! Expecting to score. We were so young and hopeful in those days. Of course when things weren’t going our way we’d crawl up to The Fenton where I was known as a “Lovable Drunk”, and put some great songs on the Jukebox. Such good times!