What Happened to The Little Park?

Kentucky, The Consul and I had some wonderful beer and great times at The Little Park. Old Will still wouldn’t get a round in, but I have some fond memories of that perfect pub. But today not only is it long gone, I can’t find one single photo of it online. It’s as though it never existed. Now I have certainly had some Scrumpy that erased all memory of an evening, but I have never drunk enough to wipe out years of memories – I’ve tried and I know for sure The Consul has tried, but we both know the Little Park existed. The sad thing is that when you take away Shakespeare, The Empire, The Beatles, Health & Efficiency, a tasteful glimpse of Maggie Thatcher, and the Tudors and Stuarts, you’re pretty much left with fish and chips and British pubs. I’d hate to visit an England with no good pubs left.