What To Watch On Saturday Nights?

So it seems these days we have so many choices of quality TV to watch: Netflix, Hulu,  Amazon, HBO, Showtime, and plenty more I’m sure, all just a click away.  The downside is that everything that you do is recorded so if you watch a show on Amazon it gets added to your Watch Next Queue.  This is fine, unless you have kids that are tapping into the same account (whose kids pay for their own accounts?) and maybe you should think twice?  

One of the shows that my good lady and I love to watch late on Saturday Nights is the British Show: Secret Diary of a Call Girl – which really features a lot less sex than Game Of Thrones – but the title suggests more.  At some point of course you have to stop worrying what the kids will think and given that both of mine are in their twenties, I think we can safely say that time has come.  I love Billie Piper as Belle – she reminds me of the UK and gives me a warm feeling inside.  Woof!