Why Did I Start This Blog Again?

The Consul and I both have very busy and demanding jobs.  My job, in particular, is involved 24×7 with websites and servers so why would I bother with this silly website?  Well for me there are three main reasons:

  1. I actually find it very relaxing and a break from my real world.  There is no real urgency to get a post up and although I try my best to keep them short and sweet and interesting, in the end there is a tiny audience for this sort of drivel, so no one really cares.
  2. It allows me to connect with old friends like The Consul and maybe one day Kentucky too.  I really enjoy their interactions on the site.
  3. It reminds me of pleasant events from the past and allows me to freely search the internet for photos of scantily clad ladies without any fears.  It is all research for the blog dear 🙂. Such as this tasty morsel, Colleen Camp as Yvette from the movie Clue.