Worship is not Disrepect

So as I look out at the world you can’t help but wonder where things went so badly wrong.  It seems if you are a successful white male you are almost certainly a rapist, or at the very least a sexual predator.  I can only imagine what people make of this blog.  I’m not saying there are not rapists and predators out there, clearly there are and they deserve everything that is coming to them. But every sexy picture on this blog is posted with love and respect.  You can’t change our natures, but I really don’t think most men are bad just because they think a woman is sexy.  Look at Allison Stokke.  Clearly a talented athlete but she also poses in sports bras that can’t help but get you excited.  Is it so wrong to recognize beauty and talent?  This Drinking Man doesn’t think so and I will keep doing so, until they finally shut us down.

“Give me liberty, or give me death!”