Ye Olde Cleanse

As you get older a common desire is to get rid of the clutter and dead wood in your life.  Both people and things.  Kentucky and I used to talk about removing the dead wood from our lives 30 years ago so you can only imagine how much more there is now.  One of the best things you can do is move to a different continent.  But if you stay any place long enough, and I’ve now been in the USA longer than I lived in the UK, dead wood always builds.

The last few years have all been about cleansing.  It began with the attic, and the kitchen and this year my office, the garage, and the utility room.  I don’t need to get rid of human dead wood, I’ve been trimming that perfectly fine over the years, but the build up of stuff has got out of control.  My office is the first place to be tackled and right now it looks pretty much perfect, with lots of space. Because it feels so nice I believe there is a really good chance it will stay this way.  The garage is next and that is a project worth sinking my teeth into.

When you are young it is all about accumulating friends and things, but as you get older the opposite takes over and I’m enjoying the change.