Yep, We’ve Lost Some of The Best

The Consul shone a bright light on so many great people that have passed over the last few years.  Death unfortunately happens more as you get older.  When I talk to my mum, who turns 80 this year, there appears to be someone popping off almost weekly.

I hope to get to other posts to remind us of so many that we have lost, but as The Consul rightly points out the man who gave us the most was David Bowie.  When I think of all my music Bowie easily had the biggest influence on me.  Genius is a word bandied around but when it comes to Bowie it was right on the money.  He was an amazing talent and I sill miss him.  One of my favorite songs of his was all the way back in 1969 from Space Oddity: Memory Of  A Free Festival.  Enjoy it here in all of its glory.  R.I.P David.