You gotta give the people somethin’ good to read on a Sunday

Beaver Lodge

I had forgotten how much easier it is to write quality drivel when you are drinking to “excess”. The words keep flowing and they seem great at the time. Of course in the morning and the harsh light of day they don’t look so good, but fuck the morning!

In two weeks I’ll be driving my good lady to stay at “Beaver Lodge” in a small town nearby to celebrate our 27th Anniversary. The “lodge” is just a remote home nestled in the beautiful Texas Hill Country and we’ll be away from it all. I always take plenty of beers on these trips and we drink at night, listen to music, watch movies, and hike (try to at least) during the day.

It almost reminds me of the Cotswolds and the Perfect trip for my fiftieth:


I can’t wait 🙂