Younger's No 3

In simpler but perhaps happier times we used to drink in a pub named Whitelocks Whiteheat. The pub had a huge copper bar and, behind it, a raised floor to prevent the barstaff from being attacked as beer and money were handed over. Indeed, it was in this very establishment that I first became acquainted with the urbane Consul and his taste for raw beef sandwiches. The beer was served in thick, glass pots with handles and included McEwan’s 70/, 80/ and Younger’s IPA. All of these were very good drinks but for me, a young drinking man, the highlight was the truly excellent Younger’s No 3. I could never get enough of it. Sadly, in these more modern times, not only can I not get enough of it, I can’t get it at all! Younger’s No 3 is no longer brewed.